Welcome.  If you are reading this then you are meant to be here.  This is a place of magic....a place to play with the Fae.....upon my shelf I spy some beautiful flower essences and vibrational essences....pure magic......what else do I spy? My home made beauty products, made up to order for you.  They contain, pure organic and natural based ingredients with beautiful essential oils, essences and magical healing energies.  There are magical co creations with the Angels and the Fae, the Mermaids, the Unicorns and the Dryads and....all of the beautiful Nature beings and sometimes the Ascended Masters and Galactics visit with their loving energies too.  They are waiting for you too, they have secrets and healing for you. Will you take a peep and come and play with the Fae and the Woodland Folk..........and trust in me as your Guide, Cheryl, Elemental Medium and Fae Reader and co-creator of beautiful beautifying and therapeutic products and meditations and workshops ......qualified teacher and beautician and Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner.....they're waiting and we better hurry....are you ready to enter the world of magic?