Flower Essence Consultations

Flower Essences are very gentle but powerful healers and work on our emotions to heal us. I have seen major shifts in thought patterns, emotional responses and spiritual epiphanies from using these myself and to treat others. They truly are magical. They can be taken internally and also applied direct to the body either on acupuncture points or within creams, lotions and bath oils.

Readings with the Fae, Mermaids & Unicorns™

I use the appropriate card deck and I also connect you to any Fae, Mermaid or Unicorn guides that step forward to guide you in matters of the heart, finances, goals and for your highest and best. All are delivered with the highest intention and are heart led and positive.

Crystal Healing Grids

Let me set up a crystal grid for you according to your goals. We will have an in depth consultation to ascertain your goals or healing goals and we will set up a crystal grid to help you manifest or heal. These are beautiful and powerful. These may be conducted online.

Flower Readings™

I am so excited to bring this aspect of my work to you now. I believe that this is much needed in these times. I connect into the ether to see which plant/s would like to work with you for your Highest and Best and we will journey with them to then attune you to it's/their healing properties. This is very sacred and special work and will be an attunement that is with you for lifetimes.

Aromatherapy & or Flower Essence Bespoke Beauty Products

I use my knowledge as an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner and Katseye Aromatherapy Consultant as well as my clairvoyant and healer skills to blend totally bespoked beauty products. These are totally holistic and therapeutic in nature. I prefer to do a consultation in order to consider all of your mental, physical and emotional history first before blending for you. They contain essential oils, flower and vibrational essences and these are totally magic! Amongst other things they can be made into therapeutic face and body creams and lotions, bath salts, bath oils, rollerballs, shampoos etc. Please contact me for a bespoke product, they are very powerful especially my famous aftersun cream!

Unicorn Soul Light Sessions ™

This is a heart based energy system, channeled from the celestial realms that helps awaken your soul's gifts and purpose, while providing deep healing and clarity on all levels as you lie back and relax. Let me connect you with the Unicorn Kingdom and bring through the loving Unicorns to help you heal and relax and to receive guidance in areas that are highlighted. You may connect with your Unicorn Guide or perhaps the Fae. Either way, I have a very strong connection as a Medium and Psychic to the Unicorn and elemental kingdoms and it is my joy to bring these through to heal and guide you.