This Goddess is MY Goddess hehe! In all seriousness I have been a High Priestess of Brigid, Brigit, Brigante in many lifetimes and she is the Goddess that I feel most closely aligned to. She is Goddess of Hearth, Poetry, Midwifery and the Goddess for which Britain is named in old Celtic. This essence was made in the energies of Imbolc which is her festival on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Taking it with my Sacred Womens' Moon Circle at New Moon in Aquarius we all felt our third eye activated and were very aware of astral travelling.

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Goddess Brigid essence helps with:

  • Psychic development and development of your intuition and Seership - seeing between worlds and planes.  It aids Star Travel. Astral Travel.  It stimulates the ear chakras which are often forgotten but very important (especially to healers) and the pituary gland: the thrid eye.
  • It aids in all aspects of creation, birthing, new mothers for support and strength. New beginnings, projects etc.
  • It helps support familial relations especially between the Mother and her children whether old or young (both!), bringing harmony and support.  Helps bring strong emotional family foundations and trust between women.
  • Helps in finding love.
  • Brings warmth and comfort.
  • Claiming your womanhood, it helps with all the transitions of a woman and for those transitioning genders, providing loving emotional support from Brigid. great Goddess of Women and Motherhood.
  • Helps with self-acceptance.
  • Brings esoteric knowledge for the seeker.
  • Helps bring wishes into fruition as part of your manifestation of desires.