The energy of this beautiful Goddess came to me as the feeling of pure nectar. I felt instantly uplifted and free as I connected to her energy. She had already been incoming as it were the night before but came to me at such a perfect and potent time where change, non-attachment and transformation are all key words. This beautiful essence was channeled on the New Moon in Gemini amidst the powerful and fun energies of Gemini .

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This is such an uplifting essence!  Butterfly Maiden shows you the sweetness of your life; the nectar and how to enjoy being present in the moment.  She teaches that when we are concentrating on the moment; that we transform so much more easily and effortlessly.  This essence will help:

- set you free. It teaches freedom from whatever you need freeing from be it people, places, situations, fear or negative self-talk.

-helps uplift and feel more joyful, content and focused on the present moment in our lives.


-Contentment - helps us feel contented with ourselves and what we "have".

-Lightens our heart from emotional baggage. 

- Helps us carry out inner child "work" so that the inner child may return to a state of innocence and be carefree which in turn helps us be more carefree and light.

- Can help process childhood trauma or any trauma.

-This is also a very good essence for children to take when they need uplifting.

- Perfect to take during any transition in life. It helps us get from A to B without realising we left. Think stages in life, major life changes, any transitions, it will help us "move on" and change with grace.

- Acceptance.