Goddess Flidais, Irish Lady of the Woods. Goddess of the Earth and as I connected with her the first thing that I smelt was Earth and I saw Moss everywhere. Spagnum moss. She is the Earth Mother Goddess and she showed me that all of the trees and plants grow out of her. She is very connected to the Trees...and they are very connected to her! All life grows out of her and goes back to her. My breathing slowed. This is a very primordial essence. It helps you access Ancestral wisdom and the smell of moss as a friend of mine helpfully added, is a sign of deceased loved ones being close by. It therefore helps you connect with the wisdom of the Elders and the land connected to the Elder Tree. This essence helps you ground earth and be still and calm. It is a very calming essence. It helps you when you need to slow and calm down. and helps you be pragmatic/practical. It connects you to everyone and everything who has ever been which is a very important aspect of this essence. I was called to make this on the Full Moon in Leo and so the essence is imbued with the additional qualities of this Moon, helpful for release and encouraging courage and confidence and clearing and balancing of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

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