Channeled on the Full Moon in Pisces, this essence of the Goddess Frigg is essentially summed up by the words she gave to me about it: "Home, Hearth & Family". Goddess Frigg is the Norse Goddess of Marriage and fertility. She is a high Goddess in that she is married to Odin in Norse Mythology. However, what follows is the description Goddess Frigg gave me about what her essence brings. She also brings strength, courage, determination, prosperity and protection. She provides a strong foundation for harmonious familial relations. This is primarily a root chakra supporting essence.

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Goddess Frigg channeled to me that this essence brings the following:

  • Helps one become deeply rooted upon Earth and gives a sense of belonging to a "family" whether this be a blood family or not.  Starseeds may find this essence very helpful!
  • Helps encourage strong family foundations and roots.
  • Helps children (and adults) feel safe and secure and brings nurture and loving feelings to children who have not had this experience thus far in childhood and to adults also.
  • Assists Mothers to build a strong family foundation - especially if they did not experience this themselves. - or their children at whatever age their children may be (again they could be adults).  Great therefore for those creating their own family or adopting.
  • Soothes and harmonises emotions and familial relations; so would be good for those struggling to integrate into families especially step-Dad, Mother and Mother-in-law, Father-in-law relations too.  Can help soothe the fiery energies of separated partners co-parenting.
  • Good for anything that requires strong foundations be it human or an object like a house. Could be used for pets to settle into a new home and family.
  • Also good for wanderers, those that feel "lost" and those that have difficulty sleeping and for the emotional aspect of bed wetting.
  • Helps one feel they have a strong solid start and foundation in life and that security and base of love that you can always return to.
  • This essence creates the feeling of a soft, cosy, favourite blanket.