Journey with Lilith as you take this essence and let her take you deep into your psyche and sexual desires. Feel liberated, strong and unfettered. This is a very, very powerful essence. When Lilith wishes to work with you; you'll know about it let me make that clear! She came to me and unlike some other Goddesses she was insistent that this essence be made very soon. As she came through I could feel so much power!

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Goddess Lilith appeared to me in off-white/cream robes and took me to the Acropolis. She told me that here was where her image and many misunderstandings about her were conjured.  She wishes to work with what she termed her "daughters" as she was very clear that she was one of the first Mothers of womenkind on Earth.  She was saddened and yet furious about how women have been subjugated over the millennia.  Make no mistake this is an essence of "girl power!" but in a very serious way.  She works to free all women from subjugation, enslavement and objectification to restore womankind to the rightful respect it should have.  So yes I have a great deal of respect for men as I do women but this essence is one of female liberation from Patriarchal institutions and trappings.  Men that are mistreating women will be made to make recompense.

So why work with Goddess Lilith's essence? She is very keen for women to take this essence as she can see so much inequality and mistreatment around the World and she wants to help redress this.  She wants to teach Women that you can be and look however you want to look and that it is ok to express your views, attitudes, wants, needs and desires. She teaches that it is ok and needed for you to be you; not some carbon copy of all other women touted by the Media and magazines. 

And yet she is no man hater! In fact she loves men; men that respect and love women and exist in harmony with them, allowing them to blossom and bloom into the individual type of flower and flavour that they are.  She rewards men that do this for their woman.  She champions harmony in relationships and helps men and women exist in beautiful harmonious expression.  She helps women walk away from relationships that are anything less than they deserve though.  

And interestingly, she helps the wounded masculine through helping heal the wounded feminine as in she helps mothers raise wholesome sons by helping them heal their father wounds. She is all about helping women but she helps men through their women.  And she teaches that this was always the natural way long ago.  So this essence helps with:

  • Justice, equality, strength and resolution for female or feminine energy.
  • Avenges injustice to womenkind.
  • She allows you and enables you to express all aspects of yourself, especially the parts that you have suppressed to please men!
  • She helps you feel justified and comfortable to be you.
  • She is the epitome of sovereignty and empowerment.
  • If you are a victim of rape, sexual abuse or mistreatment by the other sex then she will 'right' this and heal you.
  • Helps relationship harmony and helps all men who respect their feminine counterpart.
  • Encourages a woman to express herself sexually, embracing all her desires and having the ability to say what she wants in the bedroom and clearly asserting what she does not want!
  • Helps women have the strength and dignity to leave undesirable relationships or those that no longer serve them.
  • A champion of oppressed women everywhere.
  • Mothers and nurtures a women by encouraging her to embrace her whole self unconditionally.

Goddess Lilith adds that Women should not be afraid to call upon her as she has been associated with darkness and says: "Don't be afraid to call on me but those who oppress you SHOULD be afraid of me."