Goddess Vivienne, also known as The Lady of the Lake told me how important Water is; it holds all life and the intentions and energy of the World. Therefore, it is crucial that we keep our intentions clear and purify it as well as revering and worshipping Water. She told me that all Life came out of the Water and that it is a portal between Worlds. The Water Fae guard all Water for this reason in their different guises whether it is Springs, Lakes, Rivers or Oceans. Vivienne of course guards the energy of the Lake of Avalon.

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This essence:

  • Brings magic, manifestations, illuminations and helps hold these and gvie structure to intentions, desires and goals.
  • Helps expectant Mothers and assists emotionally with birthing both children and ideas.
  • Helps acquire new knowledge.
  • Purifies and brings new beginnings and new projects.  Produces a clean slate from which to manifest from.
  • Healing and supportive.
  • Supportive of the Third Eye and the Root Chakra.
  • Brings visions, Seership, psychic knowledge.
  • Supports transitions of all kinds: especially birth and death.