The White Lions of Sirius, their essence was channeled this Tuesday, resplendent in the masculine energies of the Chalice Well Spring water and this holding the energetics of Lammas/Lughnasada and both solar and lunar energies of a Supermoon in Aquarius. I first met the White Lions in a meditation in 2017, knowing nothing of them and I then looked on my Facebook feed and there was an event that evening with the amazing Sue Coulson of Avebury Elements with the White Lions. It didn't matter Avebury was a good four hours drive away.....I knew I needed to be there and I jumped in my car and drove there and back that same day! I've known I needed to work with them more and when Lisa Bardell invited me to make essences for her retreats I could really feel them coming through to share their beautiful and sacred energy. These beautiful beings were deified by the ancient Egyptians and there is evidence of devotion to them throughout the vast continent of Africa. So for now I will tell you what these beautiful Lions want to share and work with you for. When I meditated with these beautiful majestic beings they told me they had to download light codes to me in order that these codexes would be channeled into the their essence. They restore the heart and womb areas in both men and women and in particular they restore the original Divine Masculine template, healing any distortions, awakening the Divine Masculine energies within and without us and also stimulating the third eye so that we 're-member' who we really are. It's beautiful strong, powerful and loving energy that they work with. Both men and women have their own inner masculine energies and sometimes these can be distorted by childhood experiences, past lifetime experiences etc, the White Lion helps heal these distortions and traumas associated with the masculine, bringing us into balance.

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This spray contains essential oils that help evoke the energy of the White Lions of Sirius.