This had been appearing in my lower garden for a while and I have learnt that when a flower physically comes to me like this that they appear to offer service to myself and to others. I discovered wild violets connection to Blodeuwydd and Beltane. She wanted to be placed upon my amethyst fairy ring when I made her with the Pele and Blodeuywydd essences nearby. There was a real fairy essence that came through. Wild Violet: It enables spiritual pathways and helps connection with Angels, Spirit Guides and Higher Vibrational Beings. It loosens past ties, unhealthy connections and addictions. It is a spell-breaker and helps lift curses. Assists with clearing mental faculties. Releases stress and fears. Helps connect heart and head at the Crown chakra. Loosens the grip of eating disorders and irrational fears. Blood thickener and hair restorer helps make 'right' or 'righteous' choices Walks the land of the Fae and Earth concurrently balanced and knowledgable. Connects you to the Fae pathways if you hear the calling. I hear 'Limerick'. Helps you to enjoy the spiritual beauty of life as well as the physical.

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