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Nature is so powerful and here to help us humans but the sad thing is that most people have totally disconnected with Mother Nature. In this series it is part of my mission to help you reconnect with Nature and this is via a series of meditations and healings with selected seasonal flowers and trees. Which flowers we will connect with will be chosen by the Nature kingdom. This is a new series in which I will take you on a guided meditation to meet the essence of each flower or plant/tree essence Many Moons ago this would have been a natural part of life gifted by the village elder or shaman. It is my belief that I have fulfilled this role in many previous lives and I now offer this connection for you once again. I will enable a guided journey or meditation with each chosen flora and reveal their properties and gifts whilst sharing these with you and a healing too. It is time to reconnect ourselves with the wisdom of Nature. Are you ready to meet her?

  • Date: 22/05/2023 07:30 PM - 22/05/2023 09:30 PM
  • Location Online Event

Price: £22


This month we will be journeying with Hawthorn which is also known as the 'May Tree' and we will connect with her essence.

This will be offered via Zoom and will be recorded.