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Come and celebrate Samhain traditionally, whilst benefitting from powerful meditation journeys and quantum field intention setting for the next Celtic New Year and so much more! Come and celebrate the end of the Celtic Year and thus, the beginning of another year. This is a time when our ancestors knew it was time to turn inwards as with Nature. As part of my recent essence making for Lisa Magdalena Bardell, this will feature my Healing the Witch Wound essence in honour of all those beautiful healer souls who were tortured by the Church. This essence will help heal those scars that many of us, men and women, carry over from these times. You will benefit from Theta healings and downloads as well to enable that healing. Many of us require this right now to heal the wounds of betrayals that occurred during the Witch Hunts. There will also be much time for reflection, relaxation and inward journeying, just as our ancestors did. We will gather around the firepit (weather permitting) where we will learn of the Goddesses and Deities associated with this time of year and we will travel into the nearby ancient woodland to commune with Nature. The veils are thin at this time and we will do card readings and commune with the Fae. We will also be connecting with the Dragon Lines or Ley lines and healing these. You will learn of ancient traditions associated with this turn of the wheel and of course learn of the associated plants and herbs. We will be journeying deep into our womb space to see what it is that we are percolating for creation. We will be making our own Besom Brooms and so much more. Please book early avoid disappointment!

  • Date: 29/10/2023 10:00 AM - 29/10/2023 04:00 PM
  • Location To Be Announced


Location to be announced but will likely be Pinewood Way, St Leonards on Sea with trips into the adjacent Ancient Churchwood  and visit to local leylines and barrows.  All will be weather dependent.