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Come together with other like-minded women at each full and new moon as we join in a nurturing environment to share our hopes, dreams, fears and whatever we need to express in a non-judgmental arena. Moon Dates for 2024: January 11th New Moon in Capricorn, 25th Full Moon in Leo February 9th New Moon in Aquarius, 24th Full Moon in Virgo March 10th New Moon in Pisces, 25th Full Moon in Libra Lunar Eclipse April New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse, 24th April Full Moon in Scorpio May 8th New Moon in Taurus, 23rd Full Moon in Sagittarius June 6th New Moon in Gemini, 22nd Full Moon in Capricorn July 5th New Moon in Cancer, 21st Full Moon in Capricorn August 4th New Moon in Leo & 19th Full Moon in Aquarius September 3rd New Moon in Virgo, 18th Full Moon in Pisces October 2nd New Moon in Libra, 17th Full Moon in Aries November 1st New Moon in Scorpio, 15th Full Moon in Taurus December 1st New Moon in Sagittarius, 15th Full Moon in Gemini & New Moon in Capricorn 30th December Date:

  • Date: 09/02/2024 07:00 PM - 09/02/2024 09:00 PM
  • Location Online (Map)


Women are powerful when they come together and especially when they meet with the energies of the Moon!  Women have been coming together like this for literally thousands of millennia.  These beautiful circles are a totally safe space for you as a woman to come and spend time with other like-minded women and leave behind all the cares and worries of life.  We will work with each seasonal and lunar energy to manifest and weave our dreams together and we will lend a non-judgemental and supportive ear to our Sisters as we share whatever it is that needs to be shared.  We will meet each New Moon and Full Moon and we will drink Cacao, weave, bring our crafts, drink tea, work with herbs and flower essences, learn about the appropriate seasonal Goddess and support each other.   You will also benefit from Theta downloads to help you move forward in life and from Womb blessings and other intuitive healing.  Where weather permits there will be a firepit ceremony.  No two will be the same but there will be a sense of continuity.  Finally, there will be a beautiful meditation at each gathering led by Cheryl who is experienced at holding safe space and together we will laugh, cry, dream and raise our vibration! I can't wait to welcome you and see what is possible when we come together in this sacred way and space.

These will begin on the first full moon of 2023: 6th January 2023:

and then the next will be 21st January 2023 with the first New Moon and then will occur with each full and new moon throughout the year.  I am seeing huge transformations for those who travel this journey throughout the year and so I have placed a different payment scale for every woman's needs below:

Pay on a casual basis per attendance is £15 per session.

Pay on a monthly basis £22* per month.

3 month subscription is £55 (saving £45)*

6 month subscription is £111 (saving £69)* plus the free gift of a beautiful journal to record and honour your lunar and solar journey.

12 month subscription is £222 (saving £138)* plus the free gifts of a beautiful journal (as above) and Moon Calendar. 

*in order to receive these special prices this must be paid in full seven days before the session starts and this must be paid by the New Moon or on the day of the New Moon.