Deep into the womb we go. I take you back to the time you were in the womb and connected to many via your womb ancestry. I help clear beliefs, images, trauma connected to your ancestral womb and this goes back many generations. Clearing unhappiness, unworthiness, and back to the Atlantean times when the womb matrix was interfered with through selective breeding and implantation. I help remove this. I help remove any trauma here so that you can create your life with a clear womb slate. If taken by a male; this will link back to his Mother's womb lineage. This is for people who feel stuck and blocked in life an not able to move forward but perhaps not knowing why. It is soothing and calming. It is a great essence for pregnant women or if trying for a child to help them incarnate without any ancestral womb 'baggage'. Comforting and soothing.

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