This beguiling flower essence was made with permission from the land of a local Secondary School in the area where they conduct Forest School. It called to me and I co-created this with the Forest School Teacher. The Sun deigned to shine directly on this essence as the photograph shows. We also called back in the Spirit of the Land. There is something very sacred and pointing towards partnerships and it was also the first essence I was called to place buds in (which happened to be twin buds).

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This is an essence that brings joyous collaborations on all levels. It is great for a successful marriage, successful twin flame relationships, successful business partnerships and successful teamwork.  It also helps boost determination and self-belief to continue through hard times to reach your goal/s.

The Mother tree was so joyful and this essence is a mood uplifter and stabilizer of the emotions.  It helps you make centred and stable choices from your heart.

It helps you be with other people if you struggle.

It is a promoter of group harmony and good times together and is perfect for celebrations.