She is a heart warmer; cuddles, takes life's blows for you and wraps around your heart. When you have had a grief or a sorrow. Lifts sadness. Helps grief. Helps you be held in warm arms. Good for birds. Good for their wings. It offers a helping hand. Despite it's name it is more angelic and aids communication with the Angelic Kingdom. It helps you find your wings on Earth so you can fly away securely, back to the waiting arms of Mom. It is linked to the Maternal but more of a Grandmother essence. -Home-Sickness. Good for teenagers going to University as it stabilizes their link to home. -Good for a new home -diffuse in the air to connect with the new energies. - Invites the House Spirit back if it has left. - Protective but in a heart-centred way. Evokes a warm and pleasant feeling generally.

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