This essence is for healing our deepest hurts, for helping us have the courage to go where we need to go both literally and figuratively. To provide guidance. and to help empower. To help one gain independence and be our own best friend. Nurtures self-reliance, self-examination, dissolving our fears and blocks. Helps heal the fears associated with the Witch Wounding and the Witch herself. For self-enquiry and to reveal our deepest darkest shadow, illumine our path ahead and release old stories, revealing Truth.

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This essence was created on the Eve of Astrological Samhain and has so far proved to be a most powerful essence for showing us in our Dreamtime what it is that we need to release in our lives be that old patterns, trauma or people currently in our lives.  It is also very much associated with the healing the Witch Wound as it showed me personally what fears around past lifetimes of being a Witch that I needed to release and to fully embrace the title of "Witch".

Client Testimonial:

"Goddess Hecate essence makes my body tingle and go cold; just with holding this essence.  I use it when I do any major healings, home cleansings or need very strong protection as I get an immense sense of protection when I use this essence." 

Rachael O' Grady Psychic Medium & Healer