This essence was channeled with the essence of Goddess Pele. However, she had asked me to place a tropical fern, cedarwood essential oil, lava rock and carnelian around the bowl as I channeled in order to evoke this essence. Here is what she spoke to me: New life goes out like a tidal wave.....This essence of Pele brings great transformation and growth. The potential to skip timelines and 'step up' to a higher vibrational one. It supports those making a leap of faith to jump into the void. It assists those who wish to shed their skin and uplifts. This is for serious transformation. We are alchemizing the old self whether doing so willingly or being shoved by the Universe to 'make that change' Pele stirs the fire in you and helps you magnetize what you want. She cools the emotions especially or the water as she does this great fiery change. She said and emphasized this first. She helps and holds your hand as you hold your breath and jump into the volcano being newborn as a phoenix. She is beside you but you have to take the first step forward with her. She will be there mirroring how very powerful you are to effect this change in your life. For when you want to feel the fear and do it anyway. Ignite your fire. Stand in your power. Take a leap of faith and then magnetize all you need to you. Galvanizes action. Also powerfully purges the old using it as fuel for the new. Very protective too.

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