Goddess Nemetona: Goddess of the Sacred Grove. Another Celtic Goddess shrouded in mystery, no doubt taken to the edge of extinction by the Patriarchy and yet she survived. Like many of these Goddesses much of what we know of these Goddesses will come from the information in the ethereal realms. When I met Goddess Nemetona in these realms I found her to be a Tree Goddess, a Fae Queen holding all the knowledge of humans through their time on this Earth and all the knowledge of the Trees and yet she holds so much more.......

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Goddess Nemetona told me that the best place to seek her is out in the Grove amongst the trees, especially the Yew trees, so if you can find a Yew Grove then that would be the best place to take this essence initially at least to connect with her but anywhere near the trees would be conducive as the trees do of course all network.

So, this essence:

  • Very protective.
  • Helps those seeking self-knowledge, World knowledge & Esoteric knowledge.
  • Can connect you to the Trees.
  • Connects you with the four elements of Wind, Air, Fire & Water.
  • Will rid you of all that is superfluous in your life.
  • Helps you de-clutter and simplify your space.
  • Helps you grow.
  • Helps enable self-enquiry and answers that you seek.
  • Deepens your connection to Nature, the Fae and the Trees in particular.
  • Enables you to focus and brings clarity.