Goddess Skadi is the Goddess of Winter and Snow. She brings calm and serenity and space to think and weigh up decisions. She is the Scales of Justice. She lends her strength to this. She is the calm in the eye of the storm from where it is calm and centred and still we can then think and release obstacles that no longer serve. From here she lights the spark out of the darkness of this still inner place that shows us where we are to go and what we are to birth. She helps purify us and lightens us to show us the way out of the dark with the right moral compass pointed and focused.

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This essence was actually made during a windy storm.  Glass had shattered everywhere in my garden on the second day of the New year 2024.  I was told that this essence had to be channeled in complete darkness.  Whatever is happening around us can be transformed by finding our centre, our still place from which we can then know how to act.  Goddess Skadi channeled some further words to me:

" She is strong as she knows the correct focus and path morally and follows it with strength, conviction and purpose and perseverance.  From darkness into light.  In the soft still spot."

Client feedback about this essence:

"Goddess Skadi essence helps me quieten my mind and reflect on what I need to focus on.  It's a very calming, warming heart essence for me and I feel content and at peace." Rachael