This is very much a flower essence that is active for the upper chakras: in particular the ears and the Crown chakra. It mesmerized me in my garden with all it's fuzzy clumps of white beauty.

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This essence largely clears negativity from the upper chakras (particularly the ear and Crown chakras) so that what is heard is heard for Creator or Goddesses' Truth and not distorted.  Take this:

  •  if you need to stay objective. Particularly if you need to weigh up two sides of an argument or you need to weigh decisions.
  • Clears the ear chakras energetically.
  • Helps you be more discerning around what you listen to be that people, media or intrusive thoughts.
  • Helps you stay in integrity and your Truth when around those who are not. Helps you stay true to you.
  • Clears the upper chakras.
  • Helps you literally hear yourself think!
  • Helps clear negative thinking and thought patterns.