I hold and nurture the wombspace. I help cleanse and nurture it and give it a voice, connecting it to the heart. I help with conception but I am more about stabilizing and helping support the pregnancy and the Mother. I help lighten the load and feelings of worry about pregnancy. I help pave the way for the new child. I also help once the baby is born through breastmilk and the baby taking drops on the crown and belly button. I make the energy light and lovely and soul supporting. The energy I bring is that of arms wrapping around and cuddling the womb, this applies as much to a womb that has experienced loss through miscarriage, abortion ectopic pregnancy or any similar disappointment or loss. I also do all of this for the individual taking the essence in that I help them feel safe, viable, nurtured, nurturing the inner child and to make them feel loved and wanted. Very good for adopted children even if they are now adults. Heals old wounds from the womb area as well as scar tissue.

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