This is a most beautiful orchid which flowered on the 4th January 2023 and bloomed until just after 4 May 2023 until I made an essence with her. This was a channeled essence as the bloom was singular and very special and connected with me; indeed I have a deep connection with the Orchid family. Purple Orchid speaks of setting yourself free and living a life of joy. She teaches you to enjoy the nectar of life and to rejoice in that is precious to you. She teaches that if its not making you happy accept the lesson and move on Release all that does not serve you. Look to your dreams, Remember what happiness feels like. Value yourself and if its not aligned, move on. Cherish life and all those you love. Live wildly and bravely. Trust.. Moving on despite troubles in the past. Accepting that times change and so do people and relationships. She has a very motherly, nurturing frequency and she also links into the Angelic realm.

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