This beautiful essence was channeled especially under the New Moon in Cancer 2023 for Lisa Magdalena Bardell's Glastonbury Magdalene Retreat for Womb healing. Creating this essence under the New Moon in Cancer already brought in the nurturing and motherly principles of the Cancerian Moon as well as the phase of the Moon that heralds new beginnings and wishes. As this was created for Lisa's retreat I channeled an essence with the intentions of Lisa's retreat for cleansing the womb of any lower Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, trauma (whether that be of this lifetime, past lifetimes or matrilineal) in order to restore the womb to the original Divine template so that the Christed Golden Egg might be seeded. So with this as my intention I meditated with Mary Magdalene and she showed me that her beloved Yeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary and Lady Venus (also known as Goddess Aphrodite) and the Venusian Beings of Light wished to be part of this essence alongside my recently created White and Red Rose flower essences (also available separately on this site). These loving energies help us align with the intent for the essence; that is to restore the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine original womb template free from all matrix distortions and programming and healing all trauma associated with the womb and yoni whether that be current lifetime, current timeline, past lifetime or generational. When channeling this essence I also received that the womb may have stargates activated within it by taking this essence regularly. The Red Rose essence restores the Divine Feminine original template and the White Rose essence cleanses the spiritual body. Taking this essence will help around any emotional blocks or issues associated with sexual pleasure, birthing of ideas and creativity and around our Mothers. It helps us nurture our Inner Child. It also will assist with loving partnerships and healing and balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within ourselves and consequently outside of ourselves; The Divine Marriage or Union. It also strengthens our connection to the Venusian Light Beings and Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Mother Mary and Lady Venus/Aphrodite. It promotes a warm, loving feeling and energy of unconditional love. Of those who took the essence in Glastonbury they felt it very strongly and deeply, myself included and indeed you may see the light around my womb area in the pictures taken of me after I had imbibed it at Chalice Well, Glastonbury. There is also a beautiful spray that is available in my spray section of the website.

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