Clearing and purifying our link from heart to Mother Earth and Above. A purifier of the heart chakra. Venusian linked and one of five helpers who establish the link to the heart with Heaven and Earth. Purifying the main energy Meridian's front and back. Linking and grounding our souls. Enlightens. It is all about Unity Consciousness and unity in all senses Divine Feminine, Divine Feminine and the Circle. This essence is very special and not for everyone; you need to be able to receive it's magic. Purifier and link to the over-lighting soul and Creator. Heightening our awareness and our ability to assimilate codes. Clears fears. It's very, very strong so be as clear as you can be before taking it. Take for 28 days and the stop and assimilate before taking anymore. this is a teacher essence. For those who wish to be enlightened; links to the God Particle and provides answers to those who ask the questions. An essence to be treated with great respect.

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This essence is best taken under the guidance of a flower essence practitioner.