Archeia Aurora is a Female Archangel who is the Twin Flame of Archangel Uriel. I have worked with the Female Archangels for years and I have channeled this essence at the insistence of these beautiful Beings of Light who have stepped forward in the "queue" for me to bring their light to others. All of my essences are channeled through the Seventh Plane/Quantum Field in order that they are of the highest vibration that they may be. Take this essence in order to deepen your love of yourself. This can be a very flimsy concept sometimes I find in the general arena. However, this will deepen your self-love. It will help you set healthy boundaries, know thyself, have confidence and SHINE your own individual light. Archangel Aurora's energy helps you get clear on what your unique skills and talents are and to accept these. She also helps you to know what your individual Soul's Path is. Archeia Aurora is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra and she helps clear and strengthen this chakra, resolving any issues with the energy here when taken over time. This essence also helps us connect to our soul family. This may simply be taken whenever you wish to connect to Archeia Aurora in meditation.

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