Archeia Hope came to me in a shimmering of greens, blues, and pink all of which were reminiscent of a mermaid's tail. She is linked both to the Water element and Fire. She is the archetypal Fairy Godmother, linking your wishes of the heart with the creative energy of the womb.

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Archeia Hope's beautiful energy gifts a multitude of wonderful gifts as you imbibe her essence:

  • Encouragement - for when you need that extra little nudge to get you over the line with a project or an issue in your life. She is your own cheerleader! She pulls you out of the doldrums and lifts you up emotionally. Excellent for those who are grieving on all levels.
  • She embodies the spark of creativity so can help with writer's block or just getting started with a creative endeavour - whether this is intentional or not so be careful! Bright ideas flow with her.
  • She strengthens the energetic link between the heart and the womb so all creativity is heart led.
  • Nurturing: she is like a hug, warm, soft and a safe place for your heart to rest a while.
  • She brings humour and lightness of heart into your life.
  • She lights the way out of the darkness whether this be to create something from nothing as it were or to bring you out of the darkness into the light emotionally.