Channeling this essence was so beautiful that it made me cry. The presence of Archeia Mary or "Maria" as I heard when connecting with her was so intensely beautiful. Archeia Mary is a very, very high vibrational Being. There is just this complete feeling of compassion and total acceptance. You will feel loved and accepted when you connect with her energy and take this essence.

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There was such an overwhelming feeling of Spiritual Mastery/Advancement when I connected with Archeia Mary and of purity of the heart and compassion.  This is truly beautiful and all encompassing energy.  Take this essence for:

  • Spiritual advancement.
  • Compassion for all humans as well as animals.
  • Love for children.
  • Understanding, compassion and non-judgement.
  • Acceptance of and for all.
  • Promotes self-love, self-compassion & spirituality.
  • Promotes Tolerance.
  • Good for those who do not feel accepted or can't accept certain aspects of themselves or their shadow.
  • Good for those near the end of their days and all who are scared as she brings LOVE FOR ALL.
  • Very high vibrational.
  • Heals all.
  • For the heart and issues of the heart.
  • For loss, grief and heartache.
  • Opens the heart.
  • Brings comfort.
  • For Mothers and for children.
  • Take for births and for deaths.