Are there words sufficient to describe this?! I think not! However I will try: this beautiful essence sparkles and ignites passionately. Be ready to create from a brand new slate with this essence which provides a complete blank and clean slate to the etheric Womb space from which to create anything in your life from. It incorporates the channeled energy of the Golden Rose which brings beautiful Christed energies of enlightenment and High Frequency Light.

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This is such a powerful essence as it holds the Divine Spark energy within it and embodies the energy of the Great Pause and Reset of the Universe itself.  It was a very highly magical energy to hold and channel and it will help you clear and restore your Divine creational space that is your Womb to a clear slate from which to create whatever you wish in your life.  This is the energy of creation of all possibility and it enables those who take it to feel the energies of Self- belief and so much more.  It also feels very comforting as it embodies the energies of the Great Mother and helps restore your connection to her free of any distortions or interference whichever gender you identify as.  I am so excited for you to take and work with these alchemical energies! This is a true gift to the World.