Part of a series of channeled essences to accompany Shaman Lisa Magdalena Bardell's Womb of Light essences. Goddess Hecate and the channeled essence of the Black Rose hold their highest spiritual essences as they are channeled from the Seventh Plane of Existence (AKA the Quantum Field) so that they come from a place of the highest purity.

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I love how the Universe is always conspiring to place ALL actions and events in Divine Flow and Order.  I channeled this essence only a few weeks before attending a Womb of Light workshop with Lisa where I had created the Womb of Light essence.  My Guides told me to bring this new essence along with me and so I did as they suggested and showed Lisa on my arrival, never connecting the essence with the workshop! To my surprise therefore Lisa said that this is perfect because she teaches about Goddess Hecate who guards the Cervix Grail Gate. Of course! And that is why I always listen to my inner guidance!  

So this essence is a very powerful essence indeed.  Please know that you have full protection and empowerment when you take this essence. Please also know that anything that is not for you cannot enter or penetrate you in any sense.  This protects your sexual and spiritual energies and boundaries and integrity.  Please be ready for anything that is not in alignment with you to be whisked away as it were by this beautiful and formidable Goddess and her Black Rose.