Created especially for Shaman Lisa Magdalena's "Womb of Light" ceremonies and workshops this is a beautifully tender and yet powerful channeled essence. Mary Magdalene has been a Guide of mine for over ten years and it was a joy to create this in order to help enable the Womb Matrix to be upgraded, healed and initiated. The essence also includes the channeled energies of the Red and Pink Rose in order that their highest spiritual aspect might be included.

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This essence brings a wonderful tenderness and unconditional loving energy to the Womb and female genitalia.  It speaks of healing the Womb matrix and initiations and upgrades.  It brings the Sacred Feminine energy and restores this and whilst doing so providing powerful healing to the individual's lineage also.

It ignites Sexual Magic and restoration of Divine Union so that sexual encounters will be deeper and more fulfilling as well as a Spiritual experience.  It activates former life Sex Priestesses and provides tantric and Kundalini activations where the individual is ready for this. 

It teaches how to surrender to Womanhood and how to embrace being a Womban in her Divine Feminine aspect.