The Rose Line Essence is a new and incredible channeled essence that I created for Lisa's epic Rose Line retreat. I have been a part of this rediscovery of the Rose Line ...a special Ley Line that runs through the England and Scotland. It is a very special story but know that this is a very special essence. It contains the deities from the Rose Line who stepped forward to contribute to this essence and it is also the first essence that I have been directed to use channeled singing into it. It also all combines with my Dog Rose Flower Essence and is one of the most high vibrational of essences that you may take.

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Goddess Isis, Goddess Guinevere, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Archaia Freedom and Archangel Galadriel, Sara La Kali, Erishkagel, Ishtara,

This essence brings and teaches Harmony and Unity Consciousnesss; Purity of the Third Eye, Solar Plexus Heart and the Womb and clears all of this to prepare us for Unity Consciousness. Yeshua appeared and talked about Fraternity between brother and brother, sister and sister and Man and Woman.   This clears our trauma and wounds so that we can sit in our heart Truth and embody Unity Consciousness.

This essence gifts us our Truth and in so doing brings us into total awareness of our Truth and into total alignment: so we don't ignore our Truth.  Sometimes this can be hard and uncomfortable but always healing and bringing a higher vibratory energy field.

Clearing the Womb, clearing trauma and bringing us into the heart so that we are heart aligned and in Truth and clearing out anything that isn't truth.

Special essence it is a complete upgrade to bring us back to our core and bringing in purifying the DNA right back to the DNA imprint. Repair and stripping back to the original template of our DNA with no distortions.

It thus prepares us for our connection back to our Starseed or Galactic brothers and Sisters.

The very essence of the Rose Lineage is the Dog Rose Flower herself the original template for the Rose. So much more could be said about this but for now this is your start on your journey of rememberance and Quantum leaping into your future self NOW!